To be Grateful

Lag og texti: Magnús Kjartansson. (Flutt af Trúbrot.)  Úts. Daníel Þorsteinsson

I am just a happy little boy and doing
all the little things that I enjoy,
while feeling life is all around and that’s my toy
and i’m living.

Walking in the sun I hear my heart is singing
lovely tunes about the love that I’m feeling.
Floating all around in my mind
and I’m grateful.

Thank you lord for all the things
that you have done for me.
I hope I will be able to
bring out this feeling.

Looking at the flowers and the trees,
while blooming.
Thinking about the boys and girls like me,
while feeling
how wonderful it is for you and me
to be living.

La la la la la la la …